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September 13, 2022

'The Neuse Juice'

Volume 49 Number 9

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Labor Day has always been a little sad to me because it marks the end of summer. I remember sitting in the back seat of our Chevrolet while my Dad drove from Eagle Lake Wisconsin to Chicago on the Sunday night of Labor Day weekend. It was always our last weekend of summer to stay with my grandmother in her cottage enjoying the warm weather.

Now as an adult I have the opportunity to continue having fun all year long participating in the many NSA Fall events starting with the Cape Lookout Cruise. Despite not having an “official” cruise captain for the Cape Lookout Cruise

Tracy Vail, Robert Pugh, Jason, and Cara Keyes worked together to organize a great cruise! The weather during the day was perfect for the end-of-summer social. That night we all were awake at 3:00AM checking our anchors,

listening to the wind, and watching the radar. The hard rain, the loud thunder, and the wind, were quickly forgotten, and we enjoyed the beauty of the island the next morning.

Our Fall cruise will be on October 8th to West Bay, located on the Pamlico’s southernmost shore between the mouth of the Neuse River and the headwaters of Core Sound. It is a large, remote body of water. A perfect place to relax and hopefully enjoy some great fall weather.

The bay has good depths and ample markings. The views are beautiful. Let’s hope for winds from the south since north winds will make it fairly rough in the anchorage. If the weather is not cooperating Jason will arrange for an alternative plan.

With the end of summer and the start of Fall, we are reminded that the 2022 Bridge terms will end, and it is time to start the process of selecting a new slate for 2023. Serving on the Bridge is very rewarding and is a great way to meet new people. Listed below are the current Bridge members. If you are interested in serving in 2023, please contact me, by September 15th.

Commodore – Mary Guilfoyle

Vice Commodore of Special Events- Alice and Tom McElroy

Vice Commodore of Cruising- Jason Keys

Vice Commodore of Finance-Howard Cheetham

Vice Commodores of Communications-Erik and Jean Hardtle

Vice Commodore of Membership- Donna Crothers

NSA Secretary- Margo Fesperman

2 Directors: Chuck Gordon's and Howard Gutzeit's terms end in 2022

REMINDER the annual membership meeting and the Commodores Ball are coming up on November 12th. Please Register as soon as you can! Amy Clifton and Cyndy Little, both very creative and talented women, have volunteered to help with the decorations.

We will have appetizers starting at 5 PM, dinner served at 6 PM, and dancing from 7 PM-10:00 PM.

Summer may be over, but NSA still has some great-events coming up. Thank you to all the members that work so hard to make these events a success. You are appreciated!

“Fall is a time of year when summer memories are cherished, and promises of enduring friendship through autumn and winter pledged.” Edward Glover

Mary Guilfoyle


M/V Meridian

Cruising Update


Hello,  Captains!

We had a wonderful cruise to Cape Lookout for Labor Day weekend! The weather was great, with the only exception being the storms that rolled through Friday night. Wow, some of those lightning strikes were close! We ended up with around 20 boats and had a delightful social on the beach Saturday afternoon.

Thanks to all who came out and made it a fun filled event! I would like to specifically thank Tracy and Robert, Sharon and Chuckfor bringing beverages, ice and lots of smiles. I would also like to thank Sharon and Rob for bringing our lawn/leaf sized bag of trash back on Mischief and Todd and Bruce for providing shuttle service and for continuing the tradition of keeping an eye out for all our safety. Once again, Wade came to the rescue with mechanical issues. Dolphins and turtles were a regular sight, throughout the weekend. One particular turtle had a head the size of a volleyball!