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How to Update My Profile

Step 1: If you have not logged in yet click on the Log In text at the top right side of the page. If you have logged in go to the next step.

Step 2: On the home page, go to the top right side of the page, click on your name. This link will take you to your profile page. 

You can change any of your profile fields, see events you have registered for, see any outstanding invoices and add photos and galleries to your photo albums. 

How to Change Forum Activity Report Rates

To change your email subscription rates find the “Email Subscriptions” tab in your preferences page and click on it. You will see your list of Forum Subscriptions below. At the left of each forum is the notification rate for that forum, immediate, daily or weekly. 

To change the rate click on the “Edit Profile” button at the top. You will now see a pull down menu next to each forum. Use this menu to select the rate you want for that forum. When you are done select the “Save” button at the top. 

Immediate reporting will get you a notification usually within the hour if not sooner. 

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