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Sailing to Cuba, The Forbidden Paradise

Have you ever wanted to experience Cuba?  We did.  Learning of the easing of U.S. restrictions on travel to Cuba under the former administration, we made a hasty decision to sail to Cuba prior to the January inauguration.  We did not know what might happen under the new administration, and do not wish to visit illegally.  

In this “Reader’s Digest” version of what we did in Cuba, we will explain how we legally made the trip. We will show the charts and guide books that we used and we will also tell you about some folks there who provided invaluable local information that actually helped us see and do more in our short two week stay.   

We’ll tell you how those wonderful old U.S. cars of the 1940’s and 50’s are still kept alive and how we negotiated daily life in Cuba.  We will relate our surprises, some good and some less than good.  We will talk about our dealings with the U.S. Coast Guard and customs and immigration on both ends of the trip.

With this tiny taste of Cuba through verbiage and photos, we are hoping to give you a sense of what it is like there.  This short trip only allowed us to “stick our toe in,” so to speak.  We enjoyed our travel there so much that we are anxious to return and experience new areas and more people of Cuba.

See the video of this May 6, 2017 Seminar below:

Sailing to Cuba, The Forbidden Paradise, Part 1

Sailing to Cuba, The Forbidden Paradise, Part 2


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