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Neuse Sailing Association

Members can benefit from our forums

Your NSA membership includes access to our exclusive Community Forum. This member benefit allows you to create topics to discuss the latest industry and membership news. The Forum allows you to post messages, photos, and subscribe to the topics that interest you the most!

  •   Post topics to the community forum to discuss with your peers
  •   Browse previous discussions to catch up   on recent happenings
  •  Ask your peers questions that are most  important to you
  •  Subscribe to topics of choice to receive  updates by e-mail

Forum Categories that are open to public:

   Sailing Techniques
   Bosun's Locker

Forum Categories that are open to Members Only:

   Annual Events
   Open Forum (Scuttlebutt)

To access the Community Forum:

Under the Member Center tab in the top menu bar, drop down to Community Forum. Or just click here. (Log in first if you want to see both public and members-only forums).

General Forum information you may not know:

1. You can be notified (by e-mail) of any new posts and/or responses within any forum. You can also be notified of any responses to only a specific post. (Instructions below)

2. The Member Forum is setup in categories. There are "forums" within those categories. For example, the "Cruising - General" category has forums like "General Etiquette,” "I need Crew,” "I will Crew,” “Chartering," etc. You can create a new post in any one of the forums you have access to. (Note: Some of the forums may be read only).

3. The Forum Moderators can move posts from one forum to another in case you post it in the wrong forum or you can delete your post an repost in the correct forum. 

4. We plan to add some "instruction" posts within the forum telling you how to do forum related tasks. Please request any new instructions you would like to see posted by e-mailing us at

5. Some forums are for members only and you have to be logged in to view them.

6. You can attach photos copied from your photos stored in your Profile albums to a post.

7. The forum is open so please be considerate and tolerant of others. If you find any posts to be questionable, let the administrator know by emailing . The moderator will be notified and take appropriate action. There are no implied responsibilities for when and if any action will be taken. This is an open forum.

8. “In your Profile you can select how often you are notified of a post to a forum. You can select immediate, daily, or weekly. Event Forums should be set for immediate notification since there may be a timely message to members for that event. 

The main thing to remember is that this is our forum. We can make it whatever we collectively want it to be. If you would like to see a new category or forum created, post a message in the open forum or contact the website team. If you think certain forums should be combined or broken out, let us know. If the team gets enough of the same requests it will happen.

We strongly urge you to spend some time to subscribe to some, or all, of the forums. Maybe somebody has a question you can help with. Interested in helping to crew? Subscribe to the "I Need Crew" forum. You will get an e-mail if somebody wants crew.

Happy Posting.

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