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How to Add Member photo albums to Share

(Note: you can do all this on your phone as well!)

1) After logging in and clicking on your name at the top right of the page you will see the My profile page shown below. Now select the Member photo albums link. 

2) Once in your member photo page you can add albums by clicking the Add album button shown in the image below. 

3) Once you name your Album you can upload photos to it by clicking on the Upload photos button shown in the image below. Note you can also edit the album details you entered or delete the album when you are done with it. 

4) When you select the upload button you will see five choose file buttons. You can upload five images at a time, one image for each button. You may return and upload more images later.

5) Once your photos are uploaded you can add captions to them. 

6) To view your friends photos, first look them up in the Directory and then select their name (i.e. Lovelace, Susanneas shown in the image below.

7) Scroll to the bottom of their Profile to see their albums and photos. 

8) Currently only members can view other members albums but you can change this in your Privacy settings in your Profile to allow anyone to view, members only or no-one. 

9) You are limited to 50 photos per album but may make several albums. 

Note: To add photos to your forum posts first save the photo in your member photo album. Then right click on the photo to copy the photo and the paste into you forum text. 

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