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February, 2024

'The Neuse Juice'

Volume 51 Number 2

It may still be cool outside but every time the sun warms my face, my thoughts turn to cruising. I just can't wait to get back out there with this club! I’ve been busy puttering around the house and boat, taking care of things that I’m not going to want to do once cruising starts.

That's not to say winter has to be all painting and oil changes. We've still got plenty of great stuff going on in February, including a new NCO seminar every Saturday, and our first social event of the year on the 17th, the NSA Oyster Roast! I'll urge everyone to of course join the Oyster Roast, but also to check out the NCO seminars. There’s everything from docking and tying, to maintenance and medical. It's really an incredible FREE resource.

Before I close, I'd like to give a quick nudge for you all to renew your membership if you haven't already. It's easy to do from your reminder email, or from your profile page on the NSA website.

See you all at the Oyster Roast!

Commodore Rob

Quote: Sailors, with their built-in sense of order, service and discipline, should really be running the world.

~ Nicholas Monsarrat

NSA Website

The Events & Cruises have been updated for this year!  Check out the list --> NSA Events

What happened during the last Bridge meeting?  Find our here --> Bridge Meeting Minutes


                            We need Cruise Captains!!! Click to learn more   --> Cruise Captain 101

Now is STILL a good time to update your profile avatar… (avatar means Picture)

  • Click on your name in the upper right black bar on the website.
  • Click the Edit Profile button.
  • Scroll down to Avatar
    • Click on the words Remove/Change
    • Please use a picture that shows a close up of your face.
  • When done, scroll back to the top and click on the Save button

   >>> or send your picture to and we'll take care of it!

Erik Hardtle

VC of Communications - Website

S/V  Knot Shore
1974 Gulfstar
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Neuse Juice Newsletter

If you missed something going on with the club... catch up here  -> Our past Newsletters “The Neuse Juice”

send your stories and photos to, and add "Neuse Juice" in the subject line.

Jean Hardtle
Vice Commodore of Communications - Neuse Juice

S/V  Knot Shore
1974 Gulfstar

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Special Events


We’re looking forward to kicking off the 2024 sailing season very soon.

The Oyster Roast is right around the corner. Hopefully the weather will be nice, but the warmth of friendship will make it a fun event regardless. Please join us February 17th, 2:00-4:00.

I’m going to move setup to 11:00, because of a morning cruise captain meeting. Setup should be fairly easy.

I could still use a couple of more extra hands at the registration table.

Please bring a side or a dessert to share.

The Shriners Mourners will be cooking the oysters for us. Be ready to eat some great oysters and have some fun!  

Once we have the Oyster Roast, we’ll be looking forward to the Shrimperoo on March 23rd. This is a bigger event that’s open to the public and will require more volunteers. I’ll be recruiting volunteers, so please contact me or let me know at the Oyster Roast, if you would be willing to help.

We’ll need people to work registration, serving shrimp, setup and breakdown. Please bring a side or a dessert. Being that we’re hosting the public as well, we will need more side dishes at this event. I’m going to provide some bulk sides, but serve up your best desserts or sides!  

I really appreciate all the help that I have received so far. This is a great group of friends and all of your help is appreciated.

Thanks again and see you soon!

Todd and Tammy Richards
S/V Island Girl.

Cruising Update


Welcome to cruising 2024! It’s going to be a good year!

See the cruising dates on the calendar so you can start planning!

A Cruising Captains meeting will be held at 9:00am on February 17th at the Kreutz's house, 6103 Horton Rd, Oriental, NC.

We will go over the basic guidelines and answer any questions. We will have coffee, tea, and breakfast snacks.

We will try to keep it short so people can help set up the Oyster roast. If you have any questions, call David at @252-639-0147.

Some cruising schedule changes this year:

  1. There will be two week long cruises back to back, one going north towards Edenton and one going south towards Wrightsville Beach. Members will then have the option to do one or the other or both!
  2. There will not be a NSA sponsored month-long cruise to the Chesapeake this year. If any members plan on going to the Chesapeake on their own, please let others in the club know in case they are interested in joining.

New practices started last year that will continue:

  1. Sharing the job of cruise captains between 2 boats. This worked well last year. New cruisers were mentored by seasoned members and there was always a captain in case plans changed! In February, there will be a general meeting of all those interested/willing to participate as cruise captains.
  2. Leave no Trace: BYO cups, plates and utensils to reduce waste at our socials. 

Please consider being a co-cruise captain! It’s a great opportunity to learn the ropes and get to know people. Be on the lookout in the February newsletter for the date our cruise captain meeting. Check out the cruising schedule and let us know as if you are interested by February 5th. 

We look forward to seeing you all out on the water!

Christa and David Kreutz
VC Cruising

Spring is around the corner!

We have another year of fun-filled NSA events and cruises on the 2024 calendar, and we’re excited to get out there!

This month the NSA Oyster Roast will take place on February 17th. I hope to see you there.

Several new members have joined and many of you have renewed your annual membership. If you haven’t already done so, please do!

Help me give a warm welcome to those who recently joined us:

  • Morgan Boyd & Patricia Derrough of Mills River, NC, owners of S/V Whirl Wind, which is kept at Sea Harbour Yacht Club in Oriental.
  • Lora Cox & Ted Walsh of Oriental, NC
  • Dennis & Lisa Marlin of Oriental, owners of S/V Marlin.

We're looking forward to another season full of travel, adventure, and comradery. If you know of someone who would like to join us on our journeys, please direct them to the NSA website. The more, the merrier!

See you all soon!

Sharon Bellrose-McDonald
Vice Commodore Membership
M/V Mischief

NSA Merchandise

Happy Valentine’s to everyone! Our NSA tee shirts have been ordered. They will be up on Marketplace to order when they arrive. I should also have them for purchase at the Shrimperoo next month.

If you told me the size and color you wanted beforehand, thank you! We still have some of our 50th anniversary shirts for sale. They will be at a reduced price at the Oyster Roast, so, get them while you can!

NSA koozies will be available for purchase at the Oyster Roast as well. If you prefer other items you can take a look of what is available to individually order by going to the Squad Locker link on Marketplace.

Our Facebook group continues to grow with our membership. It is a closed group for our actual members only. Please feel free to post anything you think would be of interest to the group. We always enjoy seeing photos of your cruises, etc.

See you at the Oyster Roast!

Kathy Kenny

Vice Commodore - Social Media & NSA Wear Coord.

S/V Cool Change


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