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July 12, 2022

'The Neuse Juice'

Volume 49 Number 7

Here we are already well into the month of July and there is no way better to celebrate the founding of our country and the principles of freedom then getting out on the open water with some good friends and fellow members of NSA. It’s out on the water away from the responsibilities of work and home that we are inspired to live a way of life that connects us to others and find ways to improve not only ourselves but the communities we live in.

Some of the discussions about how we can connect with each other and support the Pamlico County community happens in the cockpit of a boat. Examples of discussions turning into reality was our Bridges vote to become Porch Sponsors for Ol’ Front Porch Musical Festival and the amazing growth and development of the Dinghy Porker Run which raises thousands of dollars to help underserved children in Pamlico county.

This year the DPR event will be held Saturday July 23rd at the Oriental Marina and & Inn on the Tiki Bar Deck. We start and end the event at the Tiki Bar but the real fun takes place at the various docks in Smith and Green Creek. This is the one NSA event that encourages families (children, parents and grandparents) to get involved and participate in the excitement of the event. This year Kevin and I along with Paige our granddaughter will be out on our dock handing out poker cards. So I encourage everyone participating to stop by the dock and maybe pick up a winning card as well as a drink of lemonade. This event still needs volunteers please email  For more information.

The cruise to Dowry Creek Marina on July 15th through the 17th gives us all the opportunity to spend time on the water practicing safe handling of our boat while connecting with our NSA friends. Tracy Vail and Robert Pugh 2 of our best party planners in the club will be organizing this event. Be prepared for a great time, jamming, cooking and being free to play games, sing silly or in other words doing whatever we can to have fun, relax and enjoy being with NSA friends.‚Äč 

So this July like many of the July’s before this we are given the chance and the freedom to use our boats, connect us with our NSA friends and to reach out and support our community through the Dinghy Poker Run.

Mary Guilfoyle


M/V Meridian

2022 Dinghy Poker Run – July 23

The 15th Annual Dinghy Poker Run under the sponsorship of the Nautical Co-op of Oriental (NCO), is almost here. This is a charity event OPEN TO EVERYONE. We will be raising money for the Pamlico Coastal Activities Council to be used for scholarships to sailing camp for underprivileged Pamlico County kids who are referred to camp from HeartWorks or Pamlico Partnership for Children. At last year’s DPR, we were able to donate ~$7500 for this purpose. We would like to surpass that donation this year!