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Neuse Sailing Association50 Year Anniversary!

October, 2023

'The Neuse Juice'

Volume 50 Number 10

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First I need to apologize to Jean for being late with this months article!! The Hardtle’s have done an amazing job with the Neuse Juice and the website this year (as well as the past few years ) and I have appreciated them for all their help this past year. Chasing Commodores, Vice Commodores etc, etc…. to send in articles for the NJ is not fun!!! Also as a part of our Communication Team I thank Kathy Kenny for diligent work on the NSA Facebook page and being the guardian of our “page” ! We get many request from non members to join our group and Kathy has to spend time checking to see if they are members and either accepting or denying there request !! Thanks !!

As this year is coming to a rapid close I thank all of the Bridge members and Directors for jobs well done!! Never to be overlooked are those of you who volunteered your services to help make all the cruises, events, socials etc…. Very successful and lots of fun!!

Our 50th Year Celebration was a huge success with about 129 people in attendance. Except for a brief shower we were blessed with good weather, good food, good music and lots of fun! Thanks to all who helped and to all who attended!

The Fall Cruise to Southwest Creek was amazing! VC of Cruising Tracy and Robert and Cruise Captains Jason, Cara, Buddy and Marie did a marvelous job of putting together this nice autumn gathering!

We have a couple of activities remaining so please register for the Halloween Cruise to Beaufort and the Commodore’s Ball on November 11thin New Bern.

Both promise to be exciting events!! Also our annual meeting will be on the morning of November 11th in Oriental , time and place to follow.

Take advantage of this nice weather to get out of the water and enjoy all that surrounds you. The biggest “thank you” goes to all of our membership for your support of this great 50 year old club “NSA”!!

As always feel free to contact me with questions, suggestions or concerns.

Call/text: 919.880.7879; email:

Thank you!

Chuck Gordon 


S/V Pelikan

Cruising Update

Cooler temperatures and good breezes have made for a perfect environment for cruising!  We had a great turnout and a nice mix of both established and new members for the Fall Cruise and it was nice to have a long social to get to know new members and get caught up with old friends.  See Jason and Cara's write up for more details.

Next up will be our last cruise of this season to Beaufort.  Jean and Erik are experts at creating Halloween fun!  Check out the forum for details on all the fun activities they have planned and get signed up before spaces run out!  While each member is responsible for making their own reservations, Erik will be sending a list to the marina so they can plan accordingly.   

Looking forward to seeing everyone again soon!

Tracy Vail and Robert Pugh
Vice Commodores of Cruisin

M/V Kindred Spirit