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Neuse Sailing Association50 Year Anniversary!

March, 2023

'The Neuse Juice'

Volume 50 Number 3

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February was a short month as usual with some crazy weather from rainy days to cold days to hot days and of all things Pollen!! And March seems to be the same!


If you haven’t started, it is now time to start preparing for your Spring maintenance on your vessels. Boat yards and boat mechanics are filling up, so don’t wait too late. Our first cruise is Easter, and that is not far away! 


Please mark your calendar for the Shrimperoo on March 25th. This is our membership recruitment event, so encourage all your non-NSA friends to join us and join up! We have a great club and would love to share it with new people! If you have not reached-out to Alice and Tom to offer your help, please do so. Let’s make sure they have plenty of help!


For those who signed up for a slip at Anchorage Inn and Marina for the Memorial Day Cruise, I will be sending in the list next week. Remember they will try to assign slips, in the order you signed up. Usually they find room for 10/13 vessels, but the size of boats plays a big part in how many spots we will receive. I will let you know, when they start to call to confirm your reservation. They will ask for a non-refundable 1st night slip fee. If you have questions, please contact me.


We are working on the 50th Anniversary Event, which will be on September 9th at Whittaker Pointe Marina. The Committee has discussed doing a “Pig Picking” Event. This party will be open to all past and present NSA members; we just have to decide how to get this information out. We’ll keep you informed!


NSA will have a float in this year’s Croaker Festival. Pat Thomier has agreed to organize this, and she will need help.