August 15 2020

'The Neuse Juice'

Volumn 47 Number 8

Coming Events 

Commodore's Log

Jeff Keynon, Commodore

S/V Calitri

What day is it?

If you are anything like me, you are wondering what day it is just about every day. You are also wondering what else 2020 can throw at us. By that I mean hurricane “ees-ah-EE-ahs”. It came and went in time to mess up the originally planned Lazy Days Cruise. Thankfully, all of the preparations to ward off the storm worked, and left debris but minimal damage around Oriental. I hope that is true for you and your property.

Not to be quitters, we quickly made a backup plan to conduct the cruise the next weekend. River Dunes was very accommodating with slips and the pavilion for people to drive to the social on Saturday. Given the shift in date and not all boats returned from hurricane mode, we have 7 boats for the weekend, and 25 people at the social. I am really struck how much we miss social interaction, when we get a chance to see people we have not for a while, just catch up, share a story, and have some fun. NSA did all of that during the Lazy Days Cruise! Some photos are below.

Next up is the Labor Day Cruise to Ocracoke, or as the Weather Channel likes to call it “Corncrake Island”. Oh, we are going to have some fun with that! We have strong interest in this cruise, and the cruise captain is looking at ways to have some fun, keep us safe, and safely distanced. I hope to see you there and am ordering up fantastic weather – beam reach there and back.

Until then, I hope you are doing well, enjoying some time on your boat, and staying safe!


Cruising Outlook

Carl Crothers, VC Cruising

S/V Sanctuary

August Cruising Outlook

Our cruising plans continue to run into weather issues, but like good sailors, we have been adapting as we go. Six boats made it to Belhaven for the Dog Days Cruise, July 10-12, from an original list of 12, and the weather turned beautiful. We toured the old River Forest Manor and enjoyed a socially distanced gathering on the veranda. And, after a week’s postponement due to Hurricane Isaias (pronounced “that hurricane”), most registered boats were heading to River Dunes last weekend for our Lazy Days Cruise.

The registration for our popular Labor Day Cruise to Ocracoke, Sept. 4-7 – 33 boats as of last Friday – reflects an optimism that we are going to pull off at least one cruise without a hitch this season. The Anchorage Inn Marina was able to set aside 17 slips for the club. Those slips were filled within the first day and a half after registration opened on July 7. Another six boats requesting a slip remain on a waiting list. And we have 10 boats indicating they will either anchor in Silver Lake or go into the National Parks Service docks, which are first-come, first-served.

Cruise Captain Chuck Gordon will be communicating with the fleet about plans for socially distanced gatherings at Ocracoke and other information. Make sure you are “subscribed” to the Labor Day Cruise Forum on the website so you don’t miss anything. You can also use the Forum to learn when others are leaving. I have two requests for buddy boats. And suffice it to say, we will practice safety while together on the island. Please bring your mask and maintain an appropriate distance from others. And plan to BYOE, Bring Your Own Everything, e.g., food and drink, to all socials. We’ve learned we can do these things and still have a good time.

On the horizon also are the Fall Cruise to the  West Bay anchorage, Oct. 9-11. Once again, Scott Westwood and Sandra Emerson, s/v Aphrodisiac, have agreed to be our cruise captains. And our final cruise of the year, our Halloween Cruise, to the Galley Stores Marina in New Bern, Oct. 30-Nov. 1. John Messer and Pat Thomier, are our cruise captains. Registration is open for all remaining cruises this year.

I hope to see you on the water!


Donna Crothers, VC Membership

S/V Sanctuary

We have no new members for July.  Be sure to invite your friends!

NSA Wear

Kathy Kenny, VC Social Media, NSA Wear Coord.

S/V Cool Change

If you haven’t noticed on our website we now have a Marketplace for our merchandise. You can now order and pay online. We are unable to ship but if you place an order just let me know and I will get it to you in Oriental.

Regarding our Facebook group please do not invite your non NSA friends to join. As this is a closed group only intended for paid NSA members your invitation to have them join will be denied. Instead ask them to join the NSA! Please continue to post your photos on our Facebook group as well as on the NSA website. To post on the website go to NSA photo gallery, click on the event that you would like to add your photos to and then hit upload. Not all members are on Facebook and they would enjoy seeing pictures as well.

Everyone please stay safe and sail on!


Robert Pugh and Tracy Vail, VC Communications

S/V Solveig

Robert and I have learned that the best way to meet and get to know people in the NSA is to jump in and participate in the bridge!

We are looking for a tech savvy individual or couple to work with us for the rest of the year to learn about taking care of the website and doing the monthly newsletter.  We've enjoyed our two years at the helm of technology and are ready to share with others as we will be going cruising this winter!  Please contact us if you're willing/able to support the organization as Vice Commodore of Communications.

We also love having members share stories of their adventures on the water in the monthly newsletter.  If you have a good story to share or just want us to join you on your adventures, please consider writing an article and sending it to me around the first of the month.  


Member Travel Experiences

Chip and Honey Johnson

S/V Soundwave

Ahoy NSA from Manhasset Bay!

What a crazy year, 2020, for all of us.   It is so cool to see the club keeping the spirit and managing to have as much fun as ever.

Almost time for @sailingsoundwave to start heading south.   Many of you are thinking of cruising south this fall/winter, come on!   You can do it.   Thought this might be helpful to folks sailing to Florida and the Keys.

We love to anchor out, or swing on a mooring.    Beautiful places and budget friendly.    The best sleeping in a sea breeze with hatches open into the wind...

So, here is a connect-the-dots list of curated anchorages and moorings that will let you sail from Oriental to Key West without using a marina overnight.  

These waypoints assume 3 things:

- you can hold 5 knots, ICW or ocean

- you can do a 24-hour passage in the ocean

- you have a generator or solar/wind.      We use our fridge a lot, and every amp-hour is precious.    If you can not make a lot of DC, you will probably need shore power every 3rd day or so.

Please check out the blog post with the coordinates and comments on 25 anchorages that will get you to Key West without needing a dock!

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