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November, 8  2022

'The Neuse Juice'

Volume 49 Number 11

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Commodore's Log

So this is it!! The Last time I will sweat over the computer and wait impatiently for the words to come. I tell myself relax you are not writing a Declaration of Independence or some other incredibly-important document like a college essay. There is no grade to be given out. NSA is a friendly and kind group that just wants to know what’s going-on in the club. So this is it – here we go.

We have had an incredible year. It has been through the talent, and hard-work of the Bridge that has led us all into a good time on the water and on land. The year actually started 2 months ahead of schedule with Sharon Stephenson organizing a group of NSA ladies to be the First Place winners of the Christmas Lip Sync contest held at the Silo. Sharon is not only a great starter of new events, but she has been instrumental in organizing the Dingy Poker Run for several years. It takes an amazing amount of work, and she brings together a group of people to help raise money for children in Pamlico County to learn how to sail. Thank You, Sharon!

Bridge members Tom McElroy and Alice Petree served as Vice Commodores of Special Events did a smashing job! This year they moved the Oyster Roast to the Red Rooster, which was a great environment to socialize together, while enjoying some great Oysters. The Shrimperoo, held at the Tikki Bar, was also a successful event. Thanks, Tom and Alice for the Great Job you did with the Special Events!

Jason Keys, as Vice Commodore of Cruising, planned some great weekend cruises, and of course the week-long cruise headed south this year, ending up in Carolina Beach. Thanks, Jason for a great Job!