Neuse Sailing Association

NSA Officers and Directors

Mary Guilfoyle

Ever since I was a child visiting my grandmother who retired to a small cottage in Eagle Lake  Wisconsin I have loved being close to the water.

My parents bought a small 14 ft motor boat and every week-end we would drive from Chicago to Eagle Lake to go boating.  Boating ended when I moved to Nebraska to attend college at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.  Winters were very cold in Omaha and we made the decision to move south.

After coming to New Bern North Carolina I started a career working at the Department of Social Services as the Program Director of Child and Family Services. The job was very stressful and I found Oriental to be a place to come and rejuvenate. I became interested in sailing and racing.

I first joined NSA in the late 90' s but due to work responsibilities and a change in family circumstances I was unable to participate in any of the NSA activities. I am probably one of the few members who has actually joined the club 3 times. After many years of being week-end visitors Kevin and I decided to retire and move to Oriental as permanent residents. We became active in NSA and served as the Vice Commodores of Special Events for two years. I felt very honored and somewhat shocked when I was asked to serve as the Commodore for 2022. 

At first I was concerned if I could really do "it" but then I remembered that this is a club that everyone pitches in and helps to make all our activities, cruises and special events successful and that I as commodore is just a small part of the success of the organization. So it will be the membership along with myself that will make this a successful 2022 year! 

Jason Keys
Vice Commodore - Cruising

Hi! Welcome to the 2022 sailing season! I'm excited/nervous to be selected as your Vice Commodore of cruising. I will do my best to make sure we maximize our sailing season!

  Here's a little about me. I've been boating since I was very young, starting with canoes, then moving on to power/ski boats in Lake Lure, NC, which involved water skiing and other activities. Cara and I have owned a boat , practically, since we were married, 26 years ago! We got to spend a week on a 60' Gulfstar (eat your heart out, EriK) for our honeymoon and I think that planted the seed. We look back now and realize what a boat that was, when we're in the tiny cockpit of our 32 footer! Flash forward to 6 years ago when Cara found a 22' MacGregor trailer sailor and we had a blast sailing around Kerr and Falls lakes and even spent some nights on her. We joined the NSA in February of 2018. Our first cruise was to South river in April which was a blast, until the wind turned and blew from the north and we experienced our first "oh shit" moment on the Neuse. That was when we agreed we needed a bigger boat, which led us to our current '79 Endeavor 32'. I look forward to the 2022 season and meeting/reuniting with all of our NSA family!