September 11 2018

'The Neuse Juice'

Volumn 45 Number 9

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Sept 21

Chuck Gordon, 


The Commodore's Log


Sunday the 9th and I am resting from preparing Pelikan for a visit from Ms Florence! I have explained to Pelikan that we must remove her canvas , sails , dinghy and other goods just in case this temperamental lady decides to travel our way! I have also told her that we really do not want to see her this year! We hope that each of you have readied your vessels and property in case of a Florence sighting. Please stay safe and be careful! Hopefully the storm will spare us and we wish those who face the fury of Florence good luck.

Labor Day weekend at Cape Lookout was an absolute blast! It was warm but we had great weather each day, nice sails to and from Lookout and all day socials! I hope you have seen the pictures that were posted! It was very rewarding to me to see large groups of NSA folks floating around and having fun! Thanks to VCs of Cruising Pat and Jeff and Cruise Captains Tammy and Todd for a marvelous cruise!

Do not forget that we have the Fall Cruise to River Dunes and the Halloween Cruise to Ocracoke still on the calendar. Also, the Commodore's Ball in November. I will be getting you more information on the Ball very soon. The date is November 10th at River Dunes with a buffet dinner ( menu to come ) and dancing ( band to be announced). If the storm does not create too much havoc all the blanks will be filled in soon. This year’s Oriental Cup Regatta has been cancelled so the NSA will not be serving Bloody Marys this year. Hopefully, the event or a similar event will return next year.

The NSA belongs to each of you for you are the reason this club continues to be a success! To those who have taken an active role please continue to do so! To those who support and participate in our activities we thank you but we would like for you to volunteer and learn more about the NSA's workings and help us grow. The club has many new faces who are instilling a new level of fun and bringing new ideas so we do not become a predictable, stale organization!! This is very exciting and I believe we have become a better NSA with the blending of the new and the old! 2018 has truly been NSA TIME!!! THANKS!

So until our next adventure the lovely and talented Sharon and I wish you a safe week with Florence and smooth sailing.

Chuck Gordon
s/v Pelikan


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 Cruising Outlook

Cruising Outlook

Remainder of the 2018 cruises coming in October!

By the time you receive this Neuse Juice the 2018 season will be winding down with just 2 great cruises remaining. 

The Fall Cruise will allow for both boat and land opportunity for members with our only cruise to River Dunes of the year.  The weather should be getting cooler, but the pool and other facilities will be available, and we are sure to have a great time.

The final cruise of the year, the Halloween Cruise, is shaping up to be another “blockbuster” cruise with 24 boats already signed up for the trip top Ocracoke.  With this being the 300th anniversary of Blackbeard’s demise and a Pirate Jamboree that weekend, the island will be hopping with activity.  Bring your best pirate outfit and rendition of a pirate’s “arrggg”!

Pat and Jeff Kenyon
Vice Commodores/Cruising

Beautiful Sunsets on the Labor Day Cruise

Sunrises to sunsets , Labor Day weekend at Cape Lookout was amazing.  I’m still asking myself, how summer can be over, but we ended with a perfect weekend. Thanks to Tracy and Robert, we had a floating island to hang out on.  With all the help we had, our first time as cruise captains was a breeze. Thanks everyone. Now we’re looking forward to cooler weather and some great Fall trips. 

Tammy and Todd Richards
s/v Island Girl

Fall Cruise (Oct 13-14)

The upcoming Fall Cruise (Oct 13-14) will be the second to last "scheduled" NSA trip of this sailing season.  Maybe a good time to gather, embellish, and swap this summer's sailing stories.  You know, the dolphin sightings, rainbows, and sunsets; plus the groundings, leaks, tows, busted knuckles.  You know: Sailing.   Where did the summer go? 

This year's Fall Cruise will take us to one of the NSA's favorite short hops: River Dunes. The event registration can be found here.  NSA will ask you to register for Saturday night only.  For any additional nights please make your own arrangements with the Dockmaster.  They are always very helpful at River Dunes.  See their website here:

There is a planned social on Saturday 4-6pm at the pavilion.  As always, please plan to bring your stories and a dish to share.  The club will provide beer and wine. Times may change so we recommend you monitor the event forum for the Fall Cruise.  This is the beginning of the transient season for River Dunes so sign up as early as possible.

Remember: If you plan to eat at the River Dunes Restaurant Saturday evening (and that is not on your registration form)  please let me (Scott) know so they can help them have enough staff.  Your dinner schedule is up to you but they need to know what to expect.

If you have any questions just ask.  

In case you need the River Dunes Dockmaster: 
Rich Beliveau 252-249-4908 or 800-348-7618 

See you there! 

Scott Westwood and Sandra Emerson
Cruise captains, Fall Cruise
s/v Aphrodisiac

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Harborfest for Heartworks : September 22-24, 2018. 

Don't miss out attending Harborfest 2018.  While the marina is full, there are still seats available both nights.  

Friday night includes Roland's barbecue, beer and wine for sale, a raffle, and music provided by Saltwater Gold, Oriental's favorite dance band. Reservations are $25/person.  

The Gala on Saturday promises to include lots of reminders of your inner child.  Delicious food prepared by The Chelsea, including their unforgettable shrimp and grits and an incredibly rich chocolate ganache cheesecake, an open bar, both live and silent auctions, and then energizing dance music performed by The (fabulous) Entertainers, are all part of the event for $75/per person.  

Seating is limited both evenings and reservations are rolling in as the event approaches.  RSVP by September 17.  I hope to see you there.

Laurie Sampson
s/v Narnia

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Misto starts to explore the Indian Ocean

We spent an enjoyable month exploring the north east coast of Australia. We particularly enjoyed Lizard a Island where we walked to a high peak and could see the Great Barrier Reef stretching up and down the coast. It was in this spot that Captain Cook looked for an exit out of the Great Barrier Reef - and sure enough you can see gaps in the reef from this vantage point. 

We had a lively sail in 30 knots up to the most northerly point of the Australian continent, Cape York, and it felt like a great achievement to be rounding that Cape. The journey across the top of Australia to Darwin took us almost a week and we had to motor for a significant portion of the time. 

Once in Darwin we took a couple of days off the boat to return to Kakadu National Park, which we had enjoyed in April. Here the highlight was a fishing trip to catch Baramundi, a lovely freshwater fish. We both caught fish but it was Ros’ prize specimen 64 cm long that we were able to keep and bring back to the boat to add to the freezer. 

Our time in Australia came to an end and on September 4 we departed for Lombok in Indonesia. This is a notoriously slow passage and we had to motor 600 out of 945 nm. As the sailed up around the coast we were faced with strong currents and not much wind, but we were rewarded by the sight of many small dhows with outriggers and brightly coloured sails. Here in Gili Gede there is a brand new, small marina which will accommodate the World ARC fleet. We are looking forward to exploring this new country which feels like it is a world apart from Australia. 

Ros and Howard
s/v Misto

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