July 10 2018

'The Neuse Juice'

Volumn 45 Number 7

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Aug 18

Chuck Gordon, 


The Commodore's Log


I am writing this message to you from Pelikan while we are in Bellhaven on the Dog Days Cruise! We have a great turn out and if today is anything like yesterday there will be fun had by all!! If you have not been on a Cruise this year, go to the events page and sign up for one of the upcoming events! We have had a great mix of new and old members this year at these functions and the mix makes for new stories and great times! I salute our VCs of Cruising Pat and Jeff and all of the Cruise Captains who have organized these outings. Volunteering to be a Cruise Captain is a great way to be involved in your club!

June is history now but I must congratulate Pat and Jeff for a well organized Weeklong Cruise and thank all those who took part! This was the largest Weeklong that I can remember in our 20+ years in the club. The spirit of our people was displayed by the way folks came to the aid of people when there were health issues, mechanical problems and injuries. I was very proud to be part of such a loving and caring group! July brings us the Dinghy Poker Run and if you have not been in touch with Alice Petree to offer your assistance please do so! This is our event to contribute back to the Oriental area, this year we will be donating the proceeds to Heartworks, so we need your help to continue the success of this event. Your participation is requested! It's a fun day of water and land activities so plan to be there! July 28, 9:30AM Tiki Bar!

You should have received a club wide email inviting you to a combined Social of NSA, ODC and SCOO on July 14 at 4PM at Sea Harbour Yacht Club being sponsored by the Nautical Co-Op of Oriental. The NCO has been formed by the 3 Commodores of the respective Sailing club to form an umbrella platform to collectively support nautical events in the area. This is NOT a merger of these clubs! The Social will have a short explanation of our vision and we will be soliciting your thoughts. But foremost we hope that the social will allow the 3 clubs to intermingle and have fun. So please bring an appetizer to share,  BYOB and a chair. Look forward to seeing you!!!!

The NSA continues to grow which makes us very happy! Certainly new members influence our growth and we are very thankful that you have joined us! But I want to “THANK!” our members who continue to renew and support the NSA!! It is your participation that has molded this club into who we are today!! Thanks to all of you! We look forward to many more fun years with you!!

The lovely and talented Past Commodore Sharon and I look forward to seeing you at the coming events! If you ever have any questions or concerns about our NSA please contact me so we can discuss! Wishing you happy days and smooth sailing!

Chuck Gordon
s/v Pelikan

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 Cruising Outlook

2018 Weeklong a huge success!

The Weeklong cruise this year visited the Albemarle Sound, combining anchorages, marinas, a resort community and the historic town of Edenton.  19 boats in total made it “there and back” safely – and that defines a successful cruise!

The first stop was an anchorage just south of the Pungo River – Alligator River cut just off the ICW.  The day was a mix of sailing and motoring, a wonderful anchorage and relatively cool evening.  15 boats anchored, and 4 boats opted for the marina at Dowry Creek.  Dinghy’s were launched and an informal margarita party ensued aboard Capitva.  Thanks to our generous hosts Carl and Donna!

The next day was up to Alligator River Marina with 16 boats in the marina and 3 anchored just outside – you really can anchor just about anywhere in the Alligator River!  The first social was held at the marina lounge to escape the heat and enjoy fantastic food and NSA beer and wine.

The next day was another sailing andmotoring affair to Albemarle Plantation – a new destination for NSA.  We were welcomed in first class style by the marina staff and theOsprey Yacht Club.  We had a joint social with more amazing food and beer/wine, and hot dogs on the grill in the

 Marina Park that was reserved for NSA the entire weekend.  They even flew a drone over the marina for marketing purposes with NSA filling up the free docks with our boats. A local writer also interviewed NSA members for an article now featured at https://www.albemarleloop.com/news.html.  NSA members took advantage of the golf course, pool and golf carts to branch out all over the property.  The next day was another day for golf and a lot of people going to the refuge of the pool to stay cool.  That evening the group enjoyed a dinner in the Clubhouse Restaurant overlooking the 18th hole and the Albemarle Sound.  What a great place and fun time the group had – we will be back!

While it wasn’t easy to leave, the group left for our penultimate destination, Edenton, for a couple of nights.  The fleet being as large as it was had to split between the town docks and a marina about a mile up the nearby Pembroke Creek.  Here we had tours, dinners and socials in smaller groups, with an impromptu larger gathering for dinner on the last night.

And then we had to get back.  A few boats started back a day early and made it to Belhaven one Friday, 6 boats opted for a shorter day and stopped at the Alligator River Marina, 8 boats anchored out at the bottom of the Alligator River, and 2 boats pushed through the cut to the first night’s anchorage (one to get home Saturday and the other to reunite with cruising friends).  Boats in the anchorage wer

e treated to a beautiful rainbow and missed the threatening storm. Dinghy’s were again launched for a “dark and stormy” party aboard Anticipation Too with our hosts Wade and Amy.

Once again, the fleet was back together at River Forest Marina where we had a BYOB social under the awning on the porch of the Manor, and then off to the always spectacular Spoon River restaurant.  Not surprisingly the service was a little slow with NSA and one other large group descending upon them, but more than made up for when the owner insisted we stay for deserts on the house – well worth the wait!

Most boats returned Sunday to Oriental, a few stayed in Belhaven, and one headed out to Ocracoke.  Thankfully SCOO was also out there, since the others that planned to go headed home Tuesday to miss the predicted wind and rain.

Any cruise is not without mishap, and we had a few, but am I happy to say that I was so impressed with how fellow NSA members stepped up to helpother members for a couple of medical issues, broken gear, and consulting on issues throughout the cruise.  We are such a helpful and caring group!

Hope to see you next year on another Weeklong adventure!

Upcoming Cruises

With the Dog Days cruise just recently completed, up next is the Lazy Days cruise on August 18.  This year we are planning an on the water and on the land event so everyone can participate – and if there is no wind and its 90 degrees we can still enjoy the land portion!  On the water, we plan for day sailing and an opportunity for fellow members to get shots of your boat while under sail.  On the land will start at 5:00pm at Sea Harbour Yacht Club, where NSA and SHYC members will enjoy a social.  Bring a dish to share, NSA will provide beer and wine, and SHYC will provide ice, plates and utensils and the facility.  If you want to jump in the pool, bring a bathing suit!  Also, please bring a chair since SHYC only has so many and won’t be able to accommodate the anticipated crowd!

Finally – a reminder that the schedule of events is the best place to confirm cruise dates and locations, available on the website here.

And check out the NSA Events Forums for last minute updates, ask questions, and stay informed!

Pat and Jeff Kenyon
Vice Commodores/Cruising

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 Dog Days Cruise

Dog Days Cruise to Belhaven had it all

We packed a lot into our weekend cruise to Belhaven’s River Forest Manor & Marina, including the yin and yang of sailing – light upwind sailing going and heavy downwind sailing (surfing) coming home. In the end, 15 boats made the cruise, which may be a modern record for a Dog Days Cruise.

Our two-night stay at the River Forest Marina was fabulous. The new owners have really transformed the once sketchy marina into a top destination. Dock Master Henry Boyd and his crew provided us excellent and friendly service. We also had free use of three golf carts for getting to town.

Like the marina, the town of Belhaven is trying harder to attract boaters. On our first night, the chamber of commerce invited us to a reception at their town dock where we were welcomed with open arms, and good food and drink. The highlight was the opening of the Bill Iler Cruisers Lounge in the chamber building, a tribute to the late boat captain who made Belhaven his home and became a beloved friend to everyone he met. The air-conditioned lounge with free wi-fi will now be open at all times to visiting cruisers.

On Saturday, we were given a grand tour of the restored 1899 River Forest Manor House, which was brought back from near total ruin by a consortium of local investors. Most of the house’s original elegant woodwork and cornice molding, created by the same craftsman who did the Biltmore House, have been restored. It is used today largely as a wedding or event venue. Our tour guide, Josh, entertained us with many stories about the famous house, which in its early days hosted stars and other VIPs.

They also let us use their large covered veranda for our social. It was an ideal location for socializing and getting to know new members. The social was followed by an impromptu party by new members Kevin and Mary Guilfoyle on their trawler Meridian. They served Meridian chardonnay, of course.

For most of the boats that headed home on Sunday, the journey was wet and wild but fast with gusts reaching 30 kts at some points. Everyone reached homeport safely.

Thanks to everyone who participated and helped with the Dog Days Cruise.

Cruise Captains
Carl and Donna Crothers
s/v Captiva

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Dinghy Poker Run

The Dingy Poker Run is Less than 3 weeks Away!!

Thank you everyone who has volunteered to help and donated or solicited donations for prizes and auction items.  If you have not contacted me please do it ASAP, as I will be out of town July 14-22.Remember this year proceeds will be for the Benefit of HEARTWORKS, a 501c3 organization that provides summer and after school learning programs, counseling services and quality day care for children and families in Pamlico County.

Have a great day on the water while raising money for a good cause! 

Hands go on sale at 9:30am at the Tiki Bar at the Oriental Inn and Marina. The “Run” starts at 11am and ends at 1pm. Bring your dinghy, kayak, paddle board, canoe, bass boat or T-top (no cabin cruisers please) and cruise the local waters “behind the bridge” drawing your cards at each dock you visit.  Cards may also be drawn at the Tiki Bar if you don’t have a boat! 

$10/hand or $25/3 hands buys your hand, map and LUNCH, which will be served from 12:30 -?  Live and Silent auctions and 50-50 raffle will be held after 1pm.

!!!!COME ONE COME ALL!!!!  This is a COMMUNITY EVENT for the benefit of HEARTWORKS

Questions: Contact Alice Petree  appinfiona@yahoo.com  703-628-8123

Alice Petree
Organizer, NSA Dinghy Poker Run
s/v Highland Fox

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Misto Visits the Paradise of Vanuatu

Where in the World are we? is a likely question when Vanuatu is named.  Located between Fiji and Australia Vanuatu used to be called the New Hebrides and is still so named on some charts.  The Archipelago of more than 80 islands are mostly volcanic in origin and at least three islands are the home to active volcanoes. Last year we focussed on islands in the south.  This year on our return in mid June and after checking-in in Efate, we made straight for Pentecost and the more northern islands.

Pentecost is the home of Landdiving, which has been dubbed the original bungee jumping.  A Custom only found in south Pentecost, young men jump from towers built of branches with vines tied to their ankles.  This impressive spectacle, which we witnessed, only takes place in April, May and June when the vines are supple enough and it is traditionally a celebration of the yam harvest and rite of passage for young men.

From Pentecost we visited Maewo and stayed in an idyllic anchorage which enabled us to visit local villages and enjoy a walk up the steep hillside, through vegetable gardens to a splendid view of Misto in the bay.  We were even able to help one of the villages with the installation of a satellite dish - a strange site to be sure in a village of traditional thatched homes and where electricity is only provided by a small generator.  But the locals are passionate about soccer and the soccer world cup is currently in progress.

We bypassed Ambae on the advise of a local Chief as a state of emergency currently exists there as the volcano, dormant for over 10 years, erupted last year.  A paal of grey cloud hangs over the island and Misto is covered with grey volcanic dust. So for the last week or so we have been on the island of Espiritu Santo.  

Because of its strategic location, Espiritu Santo became a major military base for the Americans in the second world war.  There are lots of reminders of the American presence - aircraft and ship wrecks major amongst them. The island is home to the world renowned diving sites of the President Coolidge and Million Dollar Point, where hoards of American vehicles and equipment were just dumped in the ocean after the war.  Howard enjoyed a phenomenal dive on the President Coolidge and we are still hoping to get to Million Dollar Point.

In between the enjoyment has been a lot of hard work.  In addition to routine tasks we have had issues with the windlass and throttle controls and have fitted a new autopilot which has all made for quite a lot of maintenance time - but in a calm and pretty anchorage it somehow seems a little easier! The sailing has been lively around the islands.  The trade winds have really set in this year, blowing strongly from the south east.  We are seeking a weather window to go south and meet up with this year's world ARC group in Efate later this month to resume our circumnavigation.


Ros and Howard
s/v Misto

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