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Hmmm will it be the Halloween Cruise - just sayin...

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15 photo(s) Updated on: 1 Jan 2018
  • 1, By William Taylor, It was a wet Shrimparoo
  • 2, By Kathy Kenny, So, just how many NSA members does it take to fix a sail?
  • 3, By Kathy Kenny, Natural Pirates! Halloween,
  • 4, By Kathy Kenny, Happy Pirates! Halloween,
  • 5, By Kathy Kenny, King & Queen, Halloween,
  • 6, By Kathy Kenny, Halloween! 2017
  • 7, By Susanne Lovelace, Bill Lovelace armed and ready at stop #4 for Dinghy Poker run
  • 8, By Thomas Carbone, How dare I am left abandoned and alone for the past two years......
  • 9, By Susanne Lovelace, Skipper Grover
  • 10, By Tracy Vail, The pirate life
  • 11, By Becky Griffin
  • 12, By Becky Griffin
  • 13, By Becky Griffin
  • 14, By Ros Cheetham, A more handsome pair you will not see!,
  • 15, By Ros Cheetham, NSA members giving homage to Neptune as they cross the equator!,


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