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Neuse Sailing Association

Cruise Captain Role

  1. Work with VC Cruising on scheduling dates, location, marina, and any information you want to collect as part of the registration page (all boat and contact information and is automatic)
  2. Develop the notice for the event for NSA members announcing the cruise, including sign up information, dates, location, and any other pertinent information. (VC Cruising will post to the website and develop the registration form unless you are familiar with the NSA system)
  3. Work with marina or other to reserve slips, communicate boat and contact information, etc.
  4. Decide whether cruise will be BYOB or if NSA will provide beverages
  5. Decide whether there will be a dinner out, pot luck or other social gathering
  6. Coordinate and organize the event
  7. Communicate throughout the event so participants understand what will happen, where to go, and when to be there
  8. If NSA is providing food and/or beverages, arrange for that to get to and from event
  9. Feel free to utilize NSA coolers, banners, etc.
  10. Provide VC Cruising with a summary of the event

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