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12 photo(s) Updated on: 4 Jan 2018
  • 1, By John Buhrmann, Ice on the water in Wayfarer's Cove for S/V Daily Alice
  • 2, By William Taylor
  • 3, By Kathy Kenny, Spirit of Christmas, Dec., 2017
  • 4, By Kathy Kenny, Silver Lake, October, 2017
  • 5, By Paul Griffin, Blue Mind imitating nature here ashore in an esoteric portrait I have entitled "Life Imitating Art
  • 6, By Joseph Mattea, Ghost vessel on a foggy morning.
  • 7, By Susanne Lovelace, Sunset Ocracoke sail
  • 8, By Tracy Vail, sail shadows
  • 9, By Tracy Vail, lightening storm cape lookout
  • 10, By Tracy Vail, diamonds dancing on the water
  • 11, By Ros Cheetham, Red sky at night, sailors’ delight
  • 12, By Lynn Scott, Morning Ripples


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